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Free Mini Real Estate Classes
1. Learn How To Make Money Fast with Wholesale, Bank Foreclosures Direct. Our Proven System will Show You How to Safely, Get In, Get Out, and Get Paid!
Approximately 1 1/2 Hrs. Long

2. Learn How To Make Big Money with Foreclosure Ready Tax Liens. Earn 16% to 36%, Guaranteed By The Government! Approximately 45 Min. Long

3. Learn How To Quickly Create a Million Dollar Porfolio With Multi - Family Properties. Get Paid a Big Check When You Close The Deal, Get Paid Monthly Cash Flow Checks, and Get Paid a Big Equity Check Down The Road When You Sell, and Leave a Legacy.
Approximate 1 1/2 Hrs. Long

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Our Community will Guide any Investor whether you are Just Starting Out or a Seasoned Investor!

Introducing The DoGreat.com Community of Champions:


Our community of positive thinking Real Estate and Financial Experts will lead you Through Life’s Financial Journey, Helping you become more Financially Literate, Invest Smarter, Safer, and Create Generational Wealth Through Real Estate Investing. 


It doesn’t matter if you have no experience, some experience, or you are a seasoned investor we can help you

make more money and achieve more Success.  

Our diverse FREE Live Online Training Classes, and our FREE On-Demand video training courses,

with our private, exclusive community of experts will benefit anyone who wants to take control

of their financial futures, build wealth, and live life on their own terms.

Our Community is packed with in-depth, practical training and all the resources on every

aspect of finding, analyzing, funding, and managing any Real Estate Investment Endeavor.


PLUS  You’ll get the support You Need when You Need it the Most to ensure your

investing endeavors achieve its full potential.


Our Success, Is When You Succeed!
We Don’t Just Talk Real Estate Investing, It’s What We Do! 


Information, Education, Empowerment......

DoGreat.com Member Benefits & Freebies

The DoGreat.com brand, was conceived with one goal in mind: To make the world more Financially Literate, Invest Smarter, Be Happier, and Retire Wealthy. Our mission is to do this through various types of Real Estate Investing. Replace your job and retire in 5 years or less. Membership has its Privileges.

Here's What You Get with Your FREE MEMBERSHIP

Go to Bankrate :  it is the Leading Personal Finance Destination for Rates, Tools, & Advice. Check out Bankrate, they have more than four decades of experience. Whether you are looking for the Best Mortgage Rates, Mortgage Rate Trends, Mortgage Calculators, Best Savings Accounts, Best CD Rates, Best Car Loans, Lock-In Top Rates Today at Bankrate! Transparent. Financial Rate Data. Leading Aggregator. Objective and Unbiased. Since 1976. Easy-to-use.

Get Easy Funding for Your Next Deal. Even if you have, No Money, No Credit, No Qualifying Personally, No Tax Returns, No paycheck Stubs, Asset-Based Lenders. We Have the Money. Is funding getting in the way of your next deal? Access to over 3000 investors and friendly lenders, we created this Loan Center to help our investors deal with their unique funding needs.

We have lenders that look forward to working with investors and non-traditional borrowers. Get 100% Fix & Flip Loans, Rehab Money, Multifamily Rental Loans, Private Money, Hard Money, Residential, Commercial, Asset Based Lenders, Cash-Out, Conventional Loans, Business Working Capital, SBA/ USDA Loans?  We have a lender for you!

PropStream Data Services. Try it for  FREE!  This the most trusted provider of comprehensive Real Estate Data Nationwide. PropStream empowers real estate investors with the most up-to-date data, investor tools, and marketing solutions needed to get deeply discounted off-market properties, owner contact information, make informed decisions and stay ahead of the game.

Try It For FREE! Learn how to use PropStream to Your full advantage.

Bank Foreclosures Direct: Watch our FREE 2 Hour On-Line, On Demand Course and Learn How to make an extra $5,000 to $50,000 in The Next 30 days. No Money, No Credit, No Problem. You will learn how to:  Find Wholesale Properties that are Not on The Market. Find Them, Fund Them, Fix Them, Flip Them or Wholesale Them. Or you quickly Micro Flip properties right from your computer anywhere in the country. Learn how to Get In, Get Out and Get Paid quickly.

Make money with Bank Foreclosures Direct from Lenders and Motivated Sellers below market value and not on the MLS. Get forbearance pre-foreclosures no one knows about and help people. Use other people’s money! Tap into our lenders and private investors that have the money.

 Government Auctions: Watch our FREE 1 Hour On-Line,  On Demand Course and Make easy & quick profits at government auctions not advertised to the public. Get Wholesale Real Estate, Cars, Jewelry and much more for pennies on the dollar.

Tax Liens & Tax Deeds: Watch our FREE 1 Hour On-Line, On Demand Course and Learn the secrets of the Wealthy and safely earn 16% to 36% per year, secured by Real Estate, Guaranteed by the Government and Mandated by Law or Get the Property for Pennies on the Dollar. This will amaze you.

Multi-Family Investing: Watch our FREE 2 Hour On-Line, On Demand Course and Learn our step-by-step system to quickly find and buy a Small Apartment Building or Large Multi-Family Properties in Emerging Markets using value add and using our Private Investors and our Lenders. Learn how to get paid an acquisition fee at closing for finding the deal, get monthly residual cash flow, and a big equity check at the end. Whether you have been investing in real estate for years, you would be wise to take our class on multi-Family investing. Multi-family investing is safe, low risk, creates wealth faster than single family investing and less work.

Government Grants, Loans & Subsides: Watch our FREE 2 hours On-Line, On Demand Course and Learn how to get government grants, free money, low interest loans, 0% loans, forgiven loans, subsidized loans, rehab loans, start-up capital. free equipment, money for businesses and Real Estate.

Properly Set up Your Business: Watch our FREE 1 Hour On-Line, On Demand Course. Real Estate investing is a business, and everyone knows you should never own any business personally. You need a properly structured LLC that will give you all these money saving benefits.

* Protect your personal assets
* Save you substantial amounts of taxes
* Defend you against IRS attacks
* Prevent legal disputes
* Save you legal fees and hassles
* Enable you to operate your R/E business
* Deduct your educational training expenses.

Plus Much More ...

We can help you create a $1,000,000+ cash cushion and residual income you can retire on so you will never be dependent on a job, the government or social security.

If you have the desire, we have the knowledge, we have the experience, we have the systems, we have the money.

Let’s go make lots of money!

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Why Join Our Community

Our Success, Is When You Succeed!
We Don’t Just Talk Real Estate, It’s What We Do!

Our Mission Statement

We are Proven Business Skills Inc., our Corporate Headquarters, Cheyenne, Wyoming. We are a highly successful Nationwide Real Estate Investment and Educational Company. 

Incorporated on July 18, 2005. We are celebrating our 16th year in business. We are very proud that for 16 years we have had a BBB Rating of A+ and no complaints.

Proven Business Skills Inc. owns numerous companies including but limited to, DoGreat.com,  Bank Foreclosures Direct, Wholesale Foreclosures Direct, and The Brown Real Estate Group.

Our Mission is to cut out all the misinformation, waste of time, waste of money, fluff, and puff, and teach people a simple proven Real Estate Investing System that works.

It doesn’t matter if you have no experience, some experience or you are a seasoned investor. We can show you how and where to make money faster, easier, safer, and more profitable. We want people to become more financially literate, invest smarter, create more wealth, and leave a legacy. 

We have a team of highly experienced Active Real Estate Investors that have been successfully investing together in Real Estate for over 40+ years. They have helped small, medium and large, real estate investors alike, safely to succeed financially by investing in Real Estate properly, at the right time, and in the right place.

Most People NEVER Get Started Investing
in Real Estate because...
  • they have Fear, no idea where to start, what to do, no time to actually learn what they need to know
  • they have debt as an obstacle and don’t know how to overcome it
  • they work full time and have busy schedules and are worried about juggling it all
  • they don’t know how to evaluate numbers to make sure an investment makes money
  • they lack the confidence to take action because of lack of knowledge
  • they lack the funds and want to finance a deal using other sources but don’t know where to look
  • they aren’t sure how to pick the right area and buy the right property
  • they are scared to fail and lose money on a bad investment
We Help Members overcome all of these challenges and more, starting Right Now. 




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