Fairway Mortgage puts Boots on the Ground and Keys in the Pockets of Wounded Vets

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(This isrnthe first in what will be a series of articlesrnfeaturing mortgage companies and individual professionals who are giving backrnto their communities.  If you or yourrncompany has adopted a school, sponsored a community event, or pitched in tornhelp someone in need, drop us a line and tell us about it.)</p

Like most mortgage companies, Fairway Independent MortgagernCompany’s business model involves putting people in their own homes.  But Fairway and many of its employees arernputting a new spin on that mission and thanking some of the nation’s vets inrnthe process.   </p

In July the company, partnering with the non-profit organizations,rnthe Military Warriors Support Foundation and The Boot Campaign, donated thernfirst “mortgage free” house to a military war veteran and Purple Heartrnrecipient in Dallas, Texas.  They did itrnagain in Hollywood, California, in August, in Tucson, Arizona in September andrnare slated to hand over house keys to another military family in Washington, DCrnin October and two more will be ready next month in Louisiana and Florida.    Inrnfact, Fairway has committed to providing a home a month for one year.  </p

But the charity is far from being just a corporaternthing.  Fairway employees have pledged overrn$20,000 per month through payroll deduction to the project.  Fairway’s involvement with the charity wasrnthe brainchild of Louise Thaxton, a producing branch manager for Fairway withrnoffices in Louisiana and Florida. rnThaxton holds Fairway’s designation of Military Mortgage SpecialistTM andrnis director of its Military Mortgage Specialist department.  Last year she ranked number 14 nationally inrnthe origination of VA loans according to ScotsmanrnGuide.  Louise and her professionalrninvolvement with military families led her to the Boot Campaign to which shernnow serves as Fairway’s ambassador, and that ultimately served as the catalystrnfor the Fairway program.   </p

The Boot Campaign is a non-profit military appreciation andrnveteran awareness campaign based in Texas. rnLaunched in 2009 by a group of women known as The Boot Girls, its missionrnis to express gratitude to the troops, spread awareness of the needs ofrnmilitary personnel and support their transition home.  Through the sale of signature military combatrnboots, the Boot Campaign donates proceeds to a group of partner charities, onernof which is the Military Warrior Support Foundation.  </p

The Foundation acquires distressed properties (at least somernof which will be among the 1,000 homes Bank of America recently pledged torndonate to non-profit organizations) and the Boot Campaign and Fairway  provide the funds necessary to repair andrnrehab the property, along with three years of financial counseling for thernveteran home owner.  </p

Thaxton, a 15 year veteran of the mortgage business, toldrnMND that the endeavor was a natural one for her and for Fairway.  “I am in a military town and I do a lot of VArnlending and work with a lot of military families.  And because Fairway does home loans, itrnseemed special to be able to give away a mortgage-free home.”</p

An early recipientrnof a Fairway assisted home was Juan Castañeda, Jr., an Iraq War Veteran woundedrnon August 31, 2006 in an ambush near Ad Dwar. rnHe suffered a fully collapsed left eardrum and other head injuries andrnunderwent four major surgeries.  Thaxtonrnpresented keys to his new home to Castañeda on August 26 during the 2nd</supAnnual Boot Ride and Rally in Hollywood. Several hundred bikers and the cast ofrnSons of Anarchy joined in celebrating the event. </p

Thaxtonrntold attendees, “At Fairway, we’re dedicated to supporting all American troops,rnboth active military and veterans. Our deepest thanks go to Juan as well as thernBoot Campaign for giving us the opportunity to give back and for putting onrnsuch an incredible event.”   </p

“JuanrnCastañeda has made enormous sacrifices for our country, as have so many othersrnbefore him,” said Steve Jacobson, CEO of Fairway. “Juan’s strength andrnperseverance in the face of his challenges are truly remarkable. It is storiesrnlike his that have inspired Fairway to help American veterans fulfill theirrndreams of home ownership. Juan’s new home is a reflection of the admiration,rngratitude and respect we have for all wounded warriors.”

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